Art at the Library

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During the Pandemic we are featuring three artists and their selected works at the library. Meet the artists below: 

We asked each artist questions about showing their work during a Pandemic (hopefully a once in a lifetime event).

Laurie Doran:
What best describes the work you’ve chosen to display at the Library? I believe in the power of positivity and the ability to promote change. My work delves into that power to choose, to respond and to change. The work you see focuses on focuses on the good, the light and color in what can be a grey and troublesome reality. Hopefully it inspires others to find joy. 

What do you find inspires you to create your art? My work offers me the power to respond to change. To digest changes in our world, frequently beyond my control. Changes that occur throughout the day, throughout our lives, throughout history can be documented, digested and represented. In one sense my work allows me to make sense of the ebb and flow of life. In another it empowers me to present new possibilities and a fresh/colorful way of looking at things.

Has Covid-19 changed you as an artist? I think my recent work is based on “inside looking out,” being an observer. I have also been doing most work on my iPad because with everyone working at home, space is limited.

Edna Santiago:
What best describes the works you’ve chosen to display at the library? We are blessed with so much yet sometimes we may start becoming numbed to the treasures that surround us. I try to stop myself from doing this by looking at the small things that make the larger picture: A grandmother’s look, a child smiling back, a country landscape, dancing alone in celebration…writing it down or painting my interpretation of the moment helps me ground myself in the satisfaction of where I am in life.

What do you find inspires you to create your art? Color, success , achievement,  pure elements, beauty and truth are all inspiring to me. Also injustice has inspired me to make political artworks in the past.

Has COVID-19 changed you as an artist? I found myself recovering from PTSD before the Covid quarantine. This solitude actually helped me heal without the pressures and demands of routine life.

Patrice Zinck:
What best describes the work you’ve chosen to display at the Library? While I do have many photographic interests, I seem to be drawn to capture the calmness of my subject.   In this time of uncertainty and unrest, I thought nature and uncluttered subjects would be a good choice to have displayed at the Library.

What do you find inspires you to create your art? My inspiration comes from a connection I feel with my subject.  Seeing the beautiful colors of nature; a garden, a beach, watching a sunrise or a sunset.  It all inspires me, a serenity I have a need to capture.

Has COVID-19 changed you as an artist? Since travel is curtailed, it has forced me to look at local areas that I may have overlooked in some part, over the years.   Lately I have visited local gardens, arboretums and parks that are within my immediate area.  I now have a new appreciation for them and grateful they are within my reach, giving me a new perspective on what I photograph.

The Media Arts Council and the Media Upper Providence Free Library are sharing space and showing works at the library for sale and appreciation.
A portion of every sale goes to the Library & MAC!