MAC at the Library

Click here to purchase our most recent MUPFL & MAC Library Gallery artwork.

Works at the MAC at the Library Gallery not pictured online, but will be added:

Bruneau, Jeanne: Deal’s Has Everything  $100.00  SOLD

Bruneau, Jeanne: Blue Umbrellas on State Street   $100.00  SOLD

Danzon, Patricia: The Balcony   $90.00

Danzon, Patricia: Taos Interior   $90.00

Danzon, Patricia: Tethered   $50.00

Mamaladze, Matiko: Stronger than Ever   $6,900.00

Mamaladze, Matiko: Sculptor’s Portrait  $6,900.00

McCann, Frank: The Asylum  NFS

Newell, John: Intertidal Landscape  $200.00

Newell, John: Drainboard   $300.00


The Media Arts Council and the Media Upper Providence Free Library are sharing space and showing works at the library for sale and appreciation.
A portion of every sale goes to the Library & MAC!