Library Board

The Library Board of Trustees
The Board meets on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 PM monthly at the Library in the Board Room on the 2nd floor. Regular meetings are open to the public.

The ideal candidate would have non-profit board experience, background in or knowledge of fundraising and a passion for our community. Board members must reside in either Media Borough or Upper Providence Township and/or own property in one of those municipalities and/or be a principal in a business located in either municipality. Please review the Trustee Job Description for details.

Media-Upper Providence Free Library Board Members

  • Sharon Vandegrift, President
  • William Campi, Treasurer
  • Karen Ashbach, Secretary
  • Elaine Crivelli
  • Brittany Forman
  • Grant Gegwich
  • Victoria Young
  • Cathleen Zurbach

Current Bylaws

MUPFL Bylaws, Revised 3-25-2019


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2017 Strategic Plan 

Strategic Plan 2017 – Final (PDF)