Cycle of Life

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. ― Cicero

The Media-Upper Providence Free Library received a grant before COVID-19, for the Cycle of Life Project, from the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Memorial Fund. The Cycle of Life starts inside the library with creating our own organic soil from food scraps fed to our red wiggler worms, because Worms Grow Green, Worms Recycle!

Though we are closed for now, the Cycle of Life Project is more than composting worms, organic fertilizer, soil, plants, gardening, or food to table: it can lead to a Way of Life: a way to cycle and recycle, a way for All to go Green, all ages, all together.

How does your Garden Grow?
Since we can’t plant our Library Garden right now, we would love our community to share their COVID-19 Victory Gardens. Please send your garden images to:

Container Gardening on a Shady Balcony

May 13, 2020
My daughter shared her starter container garden from her apartment balcony. Tending a garden is a great way to handle stress, and be part of the seasonal Cycle of Life. It can be indoors by a window, outdoors on a grand scale, or a container garden that livens up a corner in your life. Here's Elena's Victory Garden: I'm very thankful for my small slice of outdoor space, especially during this time, but I really...
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