Friday Film Club

Our Friday Film Club in August visits magic, illusion and invention with The Prestige on August 4th,  The Imitation Game on August 11th and ends on August 18th with Magic in the Moonlight.

Summer Films in August start at 1:00 PM in the library’s upstairs theater and is for adults 18 & up. Popcorn and discussion after all movies.

August 4: The Prestige

A Christopher Nolan ‘age of invention’ thriller with Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson. Two rival magicians step out of magic tricks and into the world of Nikola Tesla, eerily portrayed by David Bowie.

This movie pick inspired by our Evening Book Club selection and discussion of The Last Days of Night, a novel by Graham Moore.


August 11th: The Imitation Game

Cambridge mathematics genius Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) invents a ‘computing machine’ to crack Nazi codes, including Enigma — which cryptanalysts had thought unbreakable. Turing’s heroic genius meets with ignorance and he is arrested.

Academy Award winning screenplay by Graham Moore.


August 18: Magic in the Moonlight

Acclaimed magician Stanley Crawford (Colin Firth) dazzles his audiences with feats of supernatural amazement. But when it comes to the inexplicable, Stanley is a dedicated skeptic. Enter Sophie Baker (Emma Stone), a psychic and soothsayer. Stanley starts to wonder if there is a world beyond the laws of physics and that Sophie’s gifts may be real. Written and Directed by Woody Allen.

Friday Film Club will start Fall 2017 series after Labor Day on September 8th.