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Media-UP’s New eBook Collection!

We have expanded our collection to give our library patrons free access to over 4,000 multi-user and featured eBooks. The Axis 360 unlimited collection allows for multiple patrons to borrow eBooks at a time, and our featured eBooks are only available to our Media-UP patrons, shortening wait-lists for popular books. This collection includes not only New York Times Bestsellers, but a wide range of Pre-K through 12th grade fiction and non-fiction titles. From crafts, cooking, gardening and science to history, comedy and suspense, this collection can help you and your family with eLearning or recreational reading.

​During the COVID-19 closure, we have heard from our patrons that the hold lists are just too long! We even received donations to buy e-books for ONLY our Media-UP patrons to shorten the wait time. Axis 360 is our answer to shorten wait-lists and make popular titles more available for patrons at home.

Explore the Axis 360 Collection of New eBooks just for Media-UP Patrons.

You can recommend we purchase additional books when searching the Axis 360 catalog. You can also leave a comment below to let us know what titles you would like to see become available!

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